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5 Transcription Strategies to Protect Your Confidentiality

by Suzanne Quinson | May 12,2023
5 Transcription Strategies to Protect Your Confidentiality

In academic, legal, business, market research, and other areas, audio and video transcriptions are essential and still in demand. Grand View Research projects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1% over the following seven years for the U.S. transcription market, which is valued at $19.8 billion in 2019. The privacy of information communicated via video or audio files, however, continues to be a serious concern due to the increase in cyber dangers.

Therefore, the consumer should review the reviews, experience, and data security protocols of their transcription service provider before providing audio files. The following five measures will help you make sure your supplier offers the protection you require.

1. Agree to a Nondisclosure Contract:

Signing a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) with your transcription service provider is an essential step in ensuring data protection. An NDA should expressly state that the service provider is required by law to protect your data. Additionally, it guarantees that your data is protected from unauthorized access and that the service provider has complete control over it at all times during the transcription process. You shouldn't carry on with this business partnership if they won't sign it; that's a warning indication.

2. Pick a Business with a Solid Web Reputation that You Can Trust

It's crucial to conduct a thorough background check before joining a new transcription company, just as in other professions. Online ratings and reputation can be quite important in this.

Look for information about their privacy procedures by reading as many reviews as you can on several websites, including TrustPilot, the Better Business Bureau, Capterra, Google Business Profile, Yelp, and Facebook. You can comprehend the caliber of their services and make an informed choice by reading honest and descriptive evaluations from their previous customers.

3. Examine the website data encryption techniques used by your provider

Before giving the transcription service provider access to your video or audio files, verify the website address and login page. If the URL begins with "HTTPS," you are set to go because the "S" indicates that it is encrypted using Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer.

All data exchanged between a web server and a browser is kept private and secure thanks to SSL/TLS, which encrypts the connection between them. Any web page's address bar will display a padlock icon or sign to indicate that this data security protocol is in operation.

The authentication of websites and the preservation of the confidentiality and integrity of data supplied while in transit are the main goals of HTTPS. It protects against eavesdropping and tampering by encrypting bidirectional communications between a client and a server. Your audio and video files will therefore be safe from fraudsters when you upload them to their website.

4. Recognize who is in charge of the transcription of your audio or video

Knowing who manages your transcribing work once your files are with the vendor is crucial. Make sure that no overseas workers have access to your audio or video transcription files as this could jeopardize their security. You might discover that these workers are outside of American jurisdiction, making it difficult to pursue violations.

Utilizing transcriptionists like iTranscript360 who are based in the United States allows you to monitor their progress and impose legal requirements for data protection and confidentiality.

5. Verify that GDPR or other laws are being followed

Businesses operating in the EU must abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A company handling customer data must assume responsibility for data security and use adequate data handling safeguards to protect it. Therefore, you must determine whether your transcription service provider's data protection policies comply with GDPR or a comparable law in the United States, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

The provider's adherence to regulations demonstrates their commitment to safe data and transcribing services. Additionally, if your data security is compromised, the transcription service provider may be subject to fines or other penalties, so they will go to great lengths to secure your data.

Your data is at risk of being misused by cybercriminals if the transcription service provider doesn't have an NDA, there are no data encryption tools on the website, they don't follow GDPR regulations, or they assign transcription work to offshore freelancers and employees without sufficient compliance.

Before giving the vendor your recordings, whether you need a video or audio transcription, confirm these five points with the vendor to ensure your entire confidence in the vendor's data security and confidentiality methods and procedures.

Keep in mind that your transcription data may contain delicate and private information and must be kept private to safeguard your interests and those of your clients. Find a transcription service provider who can provide the highest level of data protection and privacy, and get your staff to operate smartly.

We at iTranscript360 provide the highest possible security for your files and provide quality transcribing as per your needs.

The Benefits of Transcripts for Your Website

Anyone who creates online audio and video content should be aware of the benefits transcripts can offer their website. While producing video and audio posts requires labor, doing so in conjunction with transcripts can increase readership and improve the material itself. Any website with audio or video needs transcripts in order to attract visitors, and iTranscript360 makes getting them as simple as possible.

How can transcripts make your website more search engine-friendly and user-friendly? iTranscript360 explains the benefits of including transcripts on your website

Additional Chances to Rank for Keywords:

For a website to rank for the proper search phrases, keywords must be used in the online content. Nevertheless, videos and audio by themselves do not offer chances to rank for particular keywords, which is why transcripts are so valuable. Although the audio or video file may contain keywords, they won't appear in search results. A larger audience will be able to take advantage of them if they are ranked.

Everyone should be sure to include professional transcripts because they are quick and simple to produce and will increase their chances of ranking for particular keywords.

It Offers More Information:

Although it takes effort, creating content is essential for a website to attract visitors. Fortunately, reusing existing information can have an impact and take considerably less time than creating it from new.

A lot of the work has already been completed if there are also movies, podcasts, and other sorts of recordings. When using expert transcription services, producing transcripts that correspond with this information merely adds value to a website and is quick and simple to execute.

Users Benefit More from It:

User experience is ultimately what determines whether a website for a business is successful. If website visitors find value there and have a great experience, your company may find it easier to outcompete rival companies. An excellent strategy to increase viewers and give those who access your content more is to put the user's experience first.

While there are numerous methods to enhance user experience, offering transcripts is a fantastic approach to achieve this. This is crucial for hearing-impaired users who might have trouble with audio and video material. It's best to provide this because even users without hearing issues could prefer transcripts to videos.

Audio and video files can be understood by search engines:

Search engines need to comprehend a webpage's subject matter in order to rank a website for the appropriate keywords. Search engines won't be able to interpret a page's content if it simply contains audio or video. There may be an audience for this information, but if search engines can't understand what it's about, they won't be able to find it.

However, text in transcripts can be understood by search engines. This indicates that by offering transcripts, this information will continue to have a chance to appear in user searches.

Get Top-Notch Transcripts for Any Sector:

Nobody is more aware of the value of transcripts than the staff of iTranscript360. We have years of expertise assisting a variety of industries in obtaining timely, accurate, and reliable transcripts. iTranscript360 provides excellent service and value to its customers so that they can grow their enterprises.

To find out more about the advantages transcripts can provide and how we can assist, get in touch with us right away.