Effective date: 16th September, 2022

Manual Transcription

Simply upload your recordings or dictations to our official app. You can also dictate and record on the app itself. This is available 24/7, 365 days. To learn more please refer to the app tutorial here.

We offer a range of turnaround options, such as regular 24-hour TAT and others beginning from 6 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours. We advise you to upload or record your dictation in a disturbance-free environment because it might directly affect the sound quality of the recording and, consequently, the accuracy of the documents that are transcribed. We can guarantee you 99% accurate transcripts in the allotted period with high-quality audio files.

Yes, iTranscript 360 is strictly HIPAA compliant.

You shall receive an email notification stating that your transcriptions are ready. You shall also be notified about the same via our official app from where you can directly download your transcribed files.

We offer a wide range of medical transcription services. From standard medical transcribing to medical jargon verbatim, we offer all. Please refer to the detailed list of all our services here.

Yes, we surely can if you wish so. Simply state it in the correct sequence. Leave a comment when you submit your recording so that we know the exact area you want us to transcribe.

We will contact you via email or a call to inform you if any issues arise while downloading the files or in the audio quality.

Having more than 10+ years of experience in this domain we have gained vast expertise in medical transcribing. With no room left for errors, we always put our client’s needs foremost because we understand that patient care for you is of the utmost importance. Along with this, we have made medical transcribing feasible for you, simply download our official app, record, and upload your files. You shall receive the highest assured quality medical transcriptions at your chosen TAT.

Our dedicated medical transcriptionists will transcribe your dictation into accurate transcripts after you submit it. They conduct in-depth online research to look for obscure medical jargon or ambiguous language. Following the completion of your transcription, the files are delivered to our skilled editors. Transcripts are error-free thanks to our stringent QA procedure. You will be notified via email once the final version has been uploaded to the app and has undergone proofreading. Transferring files via our app is as simple as sending an email thanks to a quick and secure upload and download system.

We offer affordable rates for your required medical transcription needs. Our prices are as per the standard guidelines and may vary according to the volume, quality of dictation, TAT, and any other specific requirements. Please download iTranscript 360 App to know the exact price for your recording.